About Us

World class Metalworking Company established in 2005, committed to the creation of innovative PET container designs, as well as the manufacturing, sales and distribution of high production blow molds. We are world leaders in the development, innovation and implementation of new technologies in the metalworking industry for high production blow molds, allowing our clients to optimize their manufacturing processes from the operational point of view.

We assure an optimal plastic container with the highest quality standards and qualifications regarding mechanical strength, handiness, image and product preservation. IPAR MOLD provides added value to its clients through the delivery of high quality products and services.

High production blow mold manufacturing

We produce molds for PET containers and packages from 100 ml. up to 20 liters.

Blow Molding Machine personalization

Stretch rods, stoppers, exit wheels, etc: Fabricated according to bottles’ specifications and blower model.

Design Creation

Our design department, formed by outstanding and highly qualified engineers, brings to reality any plastic container dreamt by our clients.

IPAR MOLD collaborates with national ecological plans, using the best technology available in our manufacturing processes, allowing the accumulation, cleanliness and control of raw materials for their recycling and transformation. We cooperate with public and private institutions promoting the preservation of the environment. We actively participate in programs dedicated to the construction of ecological areas around the country.

IPAR MOLD maintains an environmental protection policy aligned with the ecological strategies established by the federal Environment and Natural Resources Department.

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