The innovative Quick Shape Mold technology is made up of 1 shell frame cavity and 2 removable shapes (inserts). Thanks to the assembly of these shapes, the production of several plastic bottles of the same capacity but with different designs in the same mold is possible.

By only switching the adaptable shapes in the shell frame cavity inside the blower, the system optimizes downtime invested in the attaching and detaching of traditional molds.

Given that the shapes are not wearing pieces and due to their excellent fixing mechanism, the lifetime of the shapes is the same as the one of a traditional mold. Due to the shell frame cavity, the following mechanical adjustments needed for traditional molds are excluded.

  • Stretch rod stopper adjustment.
  • Stretch rod adjustment.
  • Mold faces’ assembly.
  • Mold’s clamping adjustment.
  • Bottom adjustment.
  • Cooling hoses connection.

This is an exclusive product for the coca-cola company system. Patent is in process.

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