Stand global leading manufacturers in the PET packaging industry due to quality, design and innovation of our products, along with, personalized service, technology and response time. We provide value to all our clients and generate new opportunities to improve people’s life standards.



Design and manufacturing of high production blow molds for PET containers in light of the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, implementing the best technology available, focusing on quality excellence, innovation, social responsibility and personal development of our employees.

Quality Assurance Policy

We guarantee customer satisfaction by adapting our products and services to our clients’ requests.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We are concerned in creating career opportunities and providing professional development for our employees.
  • We constantly take actions to improve safety and working standards.
  • We continuously consider human and technical trainings for our personnel in order to develop better individuals and professionals.
  • We honor our responsibility against our suppliers, considering them as fundamental partners in the industry we belong.
  • We attend our processes and procedures to comply with environmental and ecological norms.
  • We endorse social committed projects in order to promote sports, education and the significance of active community members.
  • We strictly fulfill every demand enforced by each regulatory agency concerning our economic activity.


Core Values

  • Honesty: We manage our resources and information rationally, concurring what we say with what we do. We behave with integrity according to our ethical principles.
  • Teamwork: We obtain results through collaboration, trust, mutual support and a strong and open communication. We understand teamwork as the mean that allows us to achieve outstanding results, taking advantage of internal and external synergies.
  • Responsibility: We continuously fulfill the compromises established with our external and internal customers. We assume the complete responsibility regarding our effort and actions.
  • Institutional Belonging: We identify institutional belonging as an instrument to achieve our own personal goals. We take care of our employment source and proudly enjoy being part of an effective team.
  • Cooperation: We contribute with our best effort to make interrelationships an advantage. We are continuously willing to offer help and show empathy with our clients’ and colleagues’ needs.
  • Respect: We treat people with dignity, encourage personal improvement and try to enhance life standards inside and outside our walls.
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